Angry parents wash away chalk memorial

I was unable to attend the memorial the weekend of the pigs’ death as I was away volunteering, so I went to write a message in chalk outside the school to remember the pigs last Friday.

Before I’d even finished writing my first sentence in chalk “RIP nameless voiceless pigs,” someone stopped their car in the middle of the road- with people waiting in the cars behind- and poured what looked like a half drank paper cup of coca-cola where I’d written RIP. 
They then told me to get a life and got back in their car and sped off and returned later with their cup refilled and poured water over where I’d started to write “bacon causes cancer.”

One parent passed me and said loudly to their child “I’m off to get a bucket of water.” I assumed they were joking until they came back with two 1L water bottles and started pouring water over the writing and trying to rub it away with their foot. They angrily said to me things like:
it’s over,
they’re gone now, nothing you can do will change that,
the children don’t need to see this, it’s the schools decision and it’s ours,
get over it.
I’m off to get more water and I’ll keep coming back until you’re gone.”

I just stood silently and held my hand up giving a peace gesture because there is nothing you can say to reason with someone who is overcome with emotion and a desire to be cruel.

As I walked home I wondered why is someone so angry about people mourning the lives of murdered animals that they need to make multiple water trips and then make their child run back and forth between their house and the school so they can get water to wash away the phrase RIP…? It would have been washed away by the rain anyway.

I don’t want this to be forgotten about, just because the pigs have died doesn’t mean this is over yet because Harris seems to be entertaining the idea of getting more pigs doomed to slaughter next school year… Despite the fact that, after allowing students to talk to the newspapers and share their personal details where anyone could read them, a student received hate mail; despite guardians of children being threatened with arrest; despite international controversy; despite various safe guarding issues; the so called responsible adults ‘in charge’ want to get more pigs next year?! Murderous minds.

Friends not food