RIP nameless pigs, slaughtered 21/06/2019

An update for those of you following the petition to save the pigs at Farfield school from slaughter.

On the morning of the 21st of June 2019, the pigs were sent to the slaughterhouse. They died along with 124,00 farmed animals that are slaughtered every minute.

Image credit: Marie Youngs

In this article about the memorial for the pigs headteacher, Peter Harris, is quoted:

“The pigs did leave the school farm on Friday morning as was always the plan. They were slaughtered later that day and have been sold to the wholesale pork market.

“The pigs had twice as long a life as most commercial pigs and had a healthy free range life at school. The meat won’t be available to our families due to the trouble that could cause with protesters.”

I was recently told by Pigs in the Wood sanctuary that pigs of that age will probably make the farmer a profit of £40 and their meat will only be sold as sausages; which are a level one carcinogen.
Pigs can live for twenty years if they are well cared for, so whilst the pigs at Farfield may have lived a life twice as long as most commercial pigs, they still only lived 5% of their natural lives.
It sounds like Harris thinks it’s a shame that the dismembered carcasses will not be available for families to purchase due to trouble with protesters, it’s a shame he never considered the trouble it would cause the pigs.

He goes on to say:

“There is no shrine outside school. There were some things left outside the school gates on Sunday but they were removed within a couple of hours. 

“The school community has been overwhelmingly supportive of our farm project and have felt intimidated by some protesters and the messages that they have left.”

If someone had been hit by a car outside school and someone left flowers which were then removed by the school, I would say that’s pretty fucking disrespectful. Same logic applies here. You want to kill the animals and you want to “teach” the children about where “meat” comes from but you don’t want to acknowledge the death and slaughter and deny people the right to grieve.
Saying the school community has been overwhelmingly supportive yet again glazes over the ethical and religious beliefs of many parents and staff that this “project” has been a bad idea from the beginning. I have had many conversations with parents who said their children are traumatised and that they signed the petition, and even spoken to a member of staff who had considered leaving their job when they found out what Harris and the governors were planning.
If the school community find the truth intimidating I wonder what rock have they been living under? We have never been aggressive or instigated any arguments or fights, all we have done was try to educate people on the truth about veganism, farmed animals, the environmental, ethical and health repercussions of carnism and slaughter.
I have been at every single protest from the beginning and found that the only people being intimidating were the parents who decided they didn’t want us there before even having a conversation with us. One grandparent was threatened with arrest by a police officer and last time we were outside school the assistant headteacher stood not even a metre away from me whilst I was literally being screamed at by two parents (one of whom tried to attack my friend but had been dragged away by the assistant head) claiming that “everyone is a kiddy fiddler these days” and that we scared their child- who was walking home alone. (Why would you allow your child to walk home unaccompanied if you believe that every single adult in the world is a paedophile?)

“It is a shame that some of the educational messages of this project – that the welfare provenance of meat is important and that the climate emergency means that meat consumption should be reduced – has been somewhat lost in the furore caused by a small minority from outside our school community.

I believe that if you do not seek the whole truth then you choose to believe a lie. The educational message of this ‘project’ has been skewed and grotesque from the beginning. The reality is that there are zero laws and regulations regarding “free range” farmed pigs in the UK, so to teach the children that “free range meat” is better than factory farmed is useless.
The reality is that vegan living is the way forward, it has far more benefits for your health, for the environment, and obviously for animals who want to live and who feel, love and suffer just like we do. The reality is that the biggest way to reduce your impact on climate change is to go vegan, a vegan lifestyle has the lowest carbon footprint diet over any other.
The reality is that pigs are animals just like us, who are not dissimilar from dogs, who feel pain and joy.
The reality is that the slaughter of pigs has a two part process: stunning and sticking.
The ways that farmed pigs are stunned and sticked include

  1. penetrating captive bolt a gun fires a metal bolt into the brain of the animal which is supposed to cause it to lose consciousness immediately but this method does not always work.
  2. electrical an electrical current is passed through the brain using a pair of tongs which causes the animal to temporarily lose consciousness, sometimes they do this to the heart so the animal dies
  3. gas stunning/killing pigs are put into gas chambers where high concentrations of gases are released (currently carbon dioxide) which cause the pigs to asphyxiate and eventually die of hypoxia
  4. sticking it is recommended by the “humane” slaughter association that, once stunned, a knife of at least 120mm long should be inserted into the neck of the pig and that once the penetration has been made the knife handle should be lowered so the blade is in a near vertical position and pushed upward to sever all the major blood vessels which arise from the heart

Watch the video below by the “Humane” Slaughter Association to learn more about how animals are bled out and killed in slaughter houses.
I didn’t manage to watch past the first couple of seconds, I have heard many people describe “age appropriate” education on slaughtering animals, I don’t think this footage is appropriate for ANY age. So how can we teach children that this is okay if it we cannot stomach the violence? How can we pay for it if we are unable to see it happen or do it ourselves? How can something so cruel, so unnecessary, so traumatising and evil be acceptable and commonplace in society. 124,00 animals are killed EVERY MINUTE.


Also, I would not call the resistance to the slaughter of animals a “furore caused by a small minority from outside the school community.” For a start off, there are people within the school community who have always been against the “project.”
Secondly, I would not call 117,080 people a “small minority.” As I’m writing this the original petition on has 7,080 signatures, and the petition on thepetitionsite has 110,000.

“The governors have decided that we will now have a time for reflection and further consultation before deciding whether we will repeat the project next year.”

If you’re really stupid enough to go ahead with this next year, I can guarantee you’ll regret it.

Friends not food, RIP.

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