One day, a man had a bright idea,
He got two silky puppies with floppy ears,
They lived in a field and bounded in the grass,
local children brushed their backs and fed them snacks.
The friendly doggies wagged their happy tails and scoffed their meals.
But this wonderful life was too good to be real…
After a year the dogs were driven to a slaughter house. They howled and yelped, scared and in pain as they were hung upside down by their feet. One pup was silenced, life cut short by a bloodied knife. His brother, covered in blood, whimpered. He knew he would be next.
Now imagine instead of a dog that story was about a pig, or a human child, your cat or a cow? Is it okay to kill a pig, but not a dog?

Great video, suitable for all ages, about speciesism by the Crash Course Philosophy YouTube channel

The term speciesism was coined by British psychologist Richard D. Ryder. Speciesism describes the prejudice towards other species and is defined as, “prejudice or discrimination based on species, especially: discrimination against animals, the assumption of human superiority on which speciesism is based.”

Richard Ryder on Speciesism

Any distinction between animals- whether they’re humans, pigs, elephants, vultures or mice- is morally irrelevant. We all suffer pain, and there is nothing that separates our pain; not intelligence, beliefs, autonomy nor independence. The moral superiority we, as a species, believe we have is nothing but a social construct.

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